Upcoming Grief Writing Workshops

Workshops 6 participants maximum and sell out fast!

Wednesdays, December 8, December 15  & December 22 at 7pm ET

Thursdays,  November 18 & (skip November 25 (Thanksgiving) December 2, & December 9 at 7pm ET

Tuesdays, December 14,  December 21 & December 28 at 7pm ET

*If you don't see a date that fits your schedule please contact us so we can accommodate your needs.
Private workshops available.

About Write Your Grief Story Workshops

Everyone has a grief story.  We have many grief stories, hidden and locked away.   But these stories don’t get very far.  They live inside of you. And they need to come out. 
It’s important toacknowledge and grieve loved ones who we miss, lost routines, social connections, habits, family structures, lost wages and our sense of security. her we can name them or not, these are some of the community wide losses many of us are grieving. Most are grieving a death, but some are grieving loss and change in life due to circumstances.
No one is too far out from their loss to join (I’ve been grieving my grandmother for over 45 years!).  We use our words to connect with love, loss, empathy, identity, and grief. And are supported and validated. These workshops are safe spaces that we need to express that which we lost.
All are welcome even if you don’t identify as a writer but there is a story bursting to be told. Join us!