I loved my job

I loved my job.  I was an accomplished Knowledge Analyst at the Department of Education.  I worked tirelessy getting correct information to parents through the P311 call center in New York City.  I was proud of what I accomplished and I was running the department of alone.  My boss was replacing the Director and couldn’t find anyone sufficient for 8 months.  I didn’t need someone to direct me I did the job with finesses.  The day that my supervisors introduced me to my new boss was the day that I knew it was the beginning of the end.   Four months of behavior that challenged me, belittled me and tried to force me out—I continued with courage and confidence.  Until one Thursday afternoon, I was called into the Directors office and told that I wasn’t producing to her liking I was fired.  Not only did this new boss humiliate me but she was a bully.  I was devastated, I had never before been treated so harshly and I was never fired from a job.  I cried in front of my co-workers as I was packing up my belongings, my boss even tried to provide me with a big box she said she was saving for me for this day.  (WHAT?). I still can’t believe I lost that job, it still doesn’t make sense to me even today.  I had no power and no choice and I’m still upset about it even though it happened 10 years ago…

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